How To Become a Firefighter in Florida

Florida is famous for it’s immaculate beaches and irresistible weather. Florida also houses some world famous attractions, including places like Disney World and Universal Studios. Aside from beaches and active nightlife, Florida also has a growing demand for qualified firefighters. Organizations such as Florida State Firefighters Association and Florida Professional Firefighters, makes the career choice of becoming a firefighter in the state of Florida that much more attractive. Being a Florida firefighter is also akin to being part of a brotherhood, and this brotherhood is supported by these organizations. With immense support from the surrounding communities and an increase in job opportunities, Florida is the perfect locale for a long and prosperous career as a firefighter.

Ever wondered how to become a firefighter in Florida? Below are the requirements:

You will need to meet the following criteria to become a firefighter in Florida:
•Be at least 18 years old
•Be a U.S. Citizen
•Have a high school diploma or GED
•Have a valid driver’s license with a clean record
•Must be in good physical health
•Must have good vision
•Mustn’t have any felonies are misdemeanors

Once you have met the above criteria, you will need to attend the Central Florida Fire Academy.

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    The training program consists of some of the following coursework:

    •Rope Rescue: Technician
    •Pump Ops Review
    •Firefighter Intervention and Rescue
    •Fire Inspector In Service
    •Critical Incident: Stress Management
    •Truck Operations: Forcible Entry
    •Confined Space: Operational and Technical
    •Vehicle Machinery Rescue: Operational
    •Emergency Vehicle Operation Course
    •American Red Cross CPR
    •Incident Command System
    •First Responder

    The training lasts about two months and once you are finished you will complete your Firefighter I and NAEMT certification tests. You must be EMT and Firefighter I certified before taking the courses for Firefighter II. You can receive your Firefighter II certification through the same academy, or you can choose a different academy in Florida to complete your certification. There are numerous technical schools you can attend.

    Also, numerous opportunities exist for volunteer firefighting in Florida. Volunteer firefighting can be beneficial in many ways. The first advantage would be that you would get the experience that you would need to become a career firefighter. In Florida, it only takes a Firefighter I certification to become a volunteer firefighter. While getting your Firefighter II certification, think about volunteering your time and learning the ropes through actual experience.

    To become a volunteer firefighter in Florida you will need to meet the following criteria:

    •Be at least 18 years old
    •Have a high school diploma or GED
    •Be able to pass a firefighter physical and drug screen
    •Must have Firefighter I certification
    •Must have EMT certification
    •Must have good vision
    •Must pass a criminal background check

    Volunteer firefighting is very rewarding and it is a valuable way to earn knowledge-based skills. Though volunteer firefighting might take up hours of your day and might require intense dedication, it will be something that not only contributes to your future career, but it also serves a purpose in helping your community.

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