How To Become a Firefighter in Georgia

Georgia is home to some of the most historical residential and commercial areas in the entire country.  It’s home to Stone Mountain and Six Flags over Georgia, one of the most famous theme parks in the US.  Because of the rapid population growth in Georgia over recent years, Georgia is also one of the faster growing states when it comes to employment as a firefighter and a great place for aspiring firefighters to consider settling down long term.  Georgia is a great state for firefighting employment and has held steady in recent years while other states have dealt with drastic budget cuts.

You will need to meet the following criteria to become a firefighter in Georgia:

  •  Be at least 18 years old
  • Complete a full medical Release Affidavit
  • Be in possession of CPR Certification
  • Completed NIMS level 100/700 training hosted by FEMA’s website

Once you have met the above criteria,  you will need to attend the Georgia Public Safety Training Center’s Basic Training Program.

The training program consists of some of the following coursework: 

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    • Firefighter History and Orientation
    • Firefighter Safety and Health
    • Building Construction
    • Forcible Entry
    • Ground Ladders
    • Ventilation Areas
    • Hazmat handling and awareness
    • Live Fire Training

    This training course lasts about 8 weeks and once you are done you will take the NPQ Firefighter I certification test.  Once completed, you can also proceed further with your education and get certified as a Firefighter II.  You must be Firefighter I NPQ or have a technical Firefighter I certification to participate in Firefighter II coursework.  You can get your Firefighter II certification through the same recruit academy as you receive your Firefighting I certification, or at one of the many technical colleges for Fire Science in the state of Georgia once you’ve received your Firefighter I Certification.

    Georgia also has a very healthy amount of Volunteer Firefighting opportunities.  As a Volunteer Firefighter you will have the opportunity to get great exposure to those that are potentially in control of your career if eventually becoming a career firefighter is your goal.  Many times individuals are not able to get hired on as a full time firefighter when hiring space is limited, so volunteering your time as a firefighter is a great idea in order to increase your visibility and networking opportunities.

    To become a volunteer firefighter in Georgia you will need to meet the following criteria:

    • Be at least 18 years old.
    • Pass a physical exam administered by a doctor.
    • Be in good physical health.
    • Have a High School Diploma or hold a GED Equivalent.
    • Complete the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council’s approved Physical Test.

    For anyone looking to become a firefighter in Georgia, volunteer work is a fantastic place to start.  It will not only get you in front of the right people to start your career, but it will get you valuable experience that you can’t get at a school or by learning coursework.  You will also develop a great relationship with those around  you and it’s a great way to get your foot in the door.  For more great information on becoming a firefighter in the state of Georgia, you can check out their career section of the GPSTC by clicking here.

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