How To Become a Firefighter in Massachusetts

Becoming a Massachusetts firefighter is a very noble profession, but there are some basic requirements you must meet and some training that you will have to take before you can begin working in this field. It is well worth the effort, especially since the New England area has kept a consistent budget despite other areas being hit hard by budget cuts.

Here are the Minimum Requirements to Become a Firefighter in Massachusetts:

Before you can get started with learning how to become a firefighter, you must first ensure that you meet the minimal requirements and understand why they are there.  If you meet all of these requirements, you will be eligible to continue along the process to becoming a firefighter in Massachusetts.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age to ensure that you are responsible and reliable for your own well being.
  • Complete a medical release affidavit so that the fire station is not responsible if you receive an injury or become hurt.
  • Possess a CPR certificate so that you can provide CPR to a victim in need should the circumstance arise.
  • Completed NIMS levels 100/700 training, ensuring that you can work efficiently in this field.
  • Be in good physical condition so that you can handle the work that is involved with this job
  • Pass a physical examination that will ensure that you are fit and healthy
  • Have a high school diploma so that you can have basic educational requirements

Starting Your Training Program:

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You will need to start out by taking New England’s public safety training center’s basic training program. This is a mandatory training program that will give you the training you will need to be able to work as a firefighter in the area.

The course that you will take lasts about a total of eight weeks from start to finish before you will be required to take a test to see if you have grasped the knowledge presented to you. Passing this test will award you with the NPQ Firefighter I certificate.  After you have passed this test, you can move on to the next step and begin working for your firefighter II certificate, which will be required.

In order to start your firefighter II certificate, you need to finish the previous course and or have a technical firefighter I degree. You can then continue the program at the same educational center that you earned your original degree at, or you can attend one of the technical colleges that are available in college to get a degree in fire science.

After completing both certificates, you will satisfy this requirement for becoming a firefighter.


It isn’t easy becoming a firefighter, but it is rewarding to save lives on a daily basis and help those in need. This is one of the greatest fields to work in as you get the chance to be a big difference in a person’s life. Start your training today and get started as soon as possible!

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