How To Become a Firefighter in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi is known for it’s southern charm, hospitality, good cooking and football. The one thing that unites all of these things together is the community that surrounds them. The southern community is very tight knit and will go the extra mile to ensure that the people close to them are protected. The life of a firefighter is much like the people of Mississippi – tight knit! The duty and career path of a firefighter is much more than that of a person that goes into a burning building. It’s a brotherhood and a bond you build with the people you work with. To call firefighting a ‘job’ is an understatement; it’s courageous individuals who aim to protect and serve the entire city.

Firefighters are brave men and women who sacrifice in order to make their community better and keep it safe. They know that they’re only as strong as the firefighter standing next to them. The career field is often described as more of a family than a ‘job’ in a sense.

Mississippi State Requirements

After you’ve performed a mental assessment to ensure that you’re cut out for this career field, let’s delve into the more technical requirements. First and foremost, there are basic requirements that you need in order to even get your foot in the door.

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• Be at least 18 years of age
• Hold a valid Tennessee State driver’s license
• Reside within a 50-mile radius or 1-hour drive of local fire department after hire
• No prior felony criminal record
• A high school diploma or GED
• Pass a complete physical exam performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner

The candidate in question must be in top notch health and must meet the criteria required to perform the job. Failing any part of this examination could be used as a reason to disqualify the applicant from the hiring process. On top of this, the individual must pass a psychological examination in order to be qualified to work as a firefighter. One thing to keep in mind is that you must pass the test the first time around or you’re disqualified.

In Mississippi, once the station decides to hire an individual they must also take a CPAT test. This acronym stands for Candidate Physical Ability Test and is essentially like a mini boot camp for the firefighter to make sure they’re physically capable of the demands. Often, the candidate will be asked to perform (in excellent time) a multitude of physical tests.

• Stair Climbing
• Ceiling Breach Pull
• Rescue drag
• Search techniques
• Force entry techniques
• Raising a ladder
• Carrying heavy equipment
• Dragging hose

As a rough starter, get yourself in tip top shape even before you decide to start your journey to become a firefighter. In conjunction, a candidate will want to take time to mentally prepare and clear his or her mind before performing the psychological exams issued by the department. Up to 40% of the candidates who take the test fail it.


After the CPAT completion the candidate will then be asked to enroll in the NFPA firefighter 1001-I/II at the Mississippi State Fire Academy. After this you will be qualified to work as a firefighter by the Minimum State and Certification Board.

You will have 1 year to complete all of the requirements above. It could potentially mean the difference between life and death in a dangerous scenario. It’s important that the candidate take a serious approach to these tests and start getting themselves prepared in order to pass these tests in the future. Search firefighter school information using the widget below to get the best training to jump start your firefighting career!

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