How To Become a Firefighter in Nevada

Nevada – can you even say the state name without thinking “VEGAS BABY!”  While Nevada is most famous for the iconic sin city of Las Vegas, what many people don’t know is that Nevada is also a great state that has plenty of national forest making it a prime location for wildfires.  In fact, it wasn’t long ago that two of the largest wildfires Las Vegas and Reno had ever seen billowed smoke in the Nevada Sunset.  More than 800 fire safety employees were dispatched in order to help quell the fire.  Nevada’s major cities are generally very active when it comes to hiring firefighters.  If you live near Nevada, it’s a great place to look to if you are looking for a career in firefighting because it’s not only an active hiring state, it’s also one of the fastest growing states outside of Arizona.  If you are looking to become a Firefighter in Nevada, here are some of the basic requirements.
To begin the formal application process, you will at least need the follwing:.

  • Obtain a High School Diploma or GED Equivalent.
  • Be 18 years old at a minimum.
  • Vision must be within guidelines to possess a Nevada Driver’s license, or be within correctable limits to allow you to obtain one.
  • Must have a Class C Nevada Driver’s license at the time of hire.
  • Meet regulated Height and Weight balancing classifications.
  • Mentally and Physically Equipped to perform heavy lifting and basic awareness tasks.
  • EMT Certification in most county areas but not all of them require it.
  • You cannot have ever been convicted of a Felony to apply to be a Firefighter in Nevada.
    Post Application Process:
    Since we’ve now laid down the basic fundamentals of what you are going to need in order to apply to become a firefighter in Nevada, let’s look at what happens afterwards.  If you are invited to apply to move on past the initial screening, there will be a few steps afterwards for the testing phase.  You will be required to do several things including a criminal FBI background check, take a written exam, have a medical exam and go through a difficult panel board interview. Once you have cleared the second phase of the process, there is the Firefighter Training Academy to attend. Nevada follows NFPA standards for both Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 certification requirements.  You will need both certifications and both can be obtained at the firefighter academy along with several other training courses covering a variety of topics.  Some of these topics include Hazardous Materials Training, vehicle extrication training, wildfire training as well as firefighter survival training.
    Seasonal Firefighters:
    Feuerwehr vor FlammenWhile there are obviously full time positions available, there are also seasonal jobs as well. The Nevada Division of Forestry employs part time firefighters through the busy season which is typically May through October.  Typically seasonal firefighters will be assigned to wildland firefighting crews and some are assigned to fire prevention instead of actual firefighting.  Fire suppression is an extremely important part of the Nevada National Forest program.  It’s just as important to look for ways to stop a fire from ever happening as it is to find out how to quell the blaze extremely quickly.  Training for seasonal firefighters is a little different because it focuses pretty much solely on wildland firefighting.  During the dry season when wildfires can kick up, it’s imperative the state and local governments don’t operate understaffed so that they are in a situation where they cannot control or combat an extremely dangerous wildfire situation.  Training to become a Seasonal Firefighter is a little less strict requirements wise as you only need to be 18 with a Driver’s license to qualify.  There is a capacity test you have to pass as well as an interview and a drug screening.
    One of the many things that’s exciting about becoming a firefighter in Nevada is that there are not only many job opportunities to become a full time or seasonal firefighter, but there also opportunities on the volunteer side.  Las Vegas now has the volunteer fire corps, and many neighboring cities/counties also have active volunteer firefighter programs.  This is excellent as with any job, it gives you a chance to network with people that may have a direct influence over your potential firefighting career.
    If you are considering becoming a firefighter – Nevada is a great place to start whether you live here or not.  Some states carry fire reciprocity certification with Nevada, but you will need to check with your local Nevada county office to be sure if they accept outside state certification.  If you’ve been wondering how to become a firefighter in Nevada, hopefully we’ve provided you with all the tools you need to be equipped in starting your career.  For great resources on firefighting careers in Nevada, check out the Lincoln County Website by clicking here.

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