How To Become a Firefighter in Wyoming

Wyoming, located in a mountainous region of the western United States, is the least populated state in the US. Millions of tourists visit some of the beautiful national parks in Wyoming each year, including the famous Yellowstone National Park, Devils Tower National Monument and Grand Teton National Park. Because of the vastness of the territory of Wyoming, there is a continuing need for firefighters in the municipal areas as well as firefighters interested in wild land firefighting. Many firefighters involved in fighting wildfires are employed by the federal government, ensuring excellent benefits and a competitive pay scale.

If you would like to be a firefighter in Wyoming, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live close to the fire station
  • Pass a physical exam
  • Have a current driver’s license/social security card
  • Meet any additional requirements necessary based upon location and duty desired

Once you have met the above requirements, you will need to obtain training in order to obtain your certification as a Wyoming, IFSAC or Pro Board Firefighter I. You will also need to obtain Wyoming or National Registry EMT-Basic certification.  For the training program you need to make sure you are in top physical condition and make sure that you have physically prepared yourself for the CPAT prior to enrolling in your Firefighter I certification course.

The training program to become a Firefighter includes training in subjects such as:

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  • Familiarity with firefighting terminology, history and equipment
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Building construction
  • Search and rescue
  • Forcible entry
  • Operation of firefighting equipment
  • Fire suppression techniques
  • Hazardous materials control
  • Live fire training

Training will take approximately 14 weeks to complete. At the completion of the training, you must successful pass the Firefighter I certification exam. At this point, you can proceed to obtain additional training for certification as a Firefighter II if desired. There are many technical schools throughout the state of Wyoming where you can pursue training for Firefighter II so you can start your career in firefighting.

Wyoming also has many opportunities for volunteer firefighters. As a volunteer firefighter, you will increase your opportunity to meet people who can help you along the path to become a career firefighter, if that is your aim. Spending time as a volunteer firefighter will give you excellent training and experience that may enhance your credentials to be considered for full-time employment at a later time.

If you would like to become a volunteer firefighter in Wyoming, here is the basic starting criteria:

  • Be a US citizen
  • Read, speak, and write in English
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have valid Wyoming driver’s license
  • Pass a background check with no disqualifying offenses
  • Have no disqualifying offenses on your driving record

If you are interested in becoming a firefighter in Wyoming, choosing to serve as a volunteer is a great starting point. It will provide you with great contacts to launch a formal career as a firefighter and it will also provide you with hands-on experience you could never get in a classroom. Volunteer firefighting is a wonderful way to serve your community while gaining valuable skills that will enhance your experience as a firefighter.

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